The Moroccan National Tourist Office
Our vision
The Moroccan National Tourist Office (MNTO) is responsible for promoting and marketing Morocco as a destination within Morocco and abroad.
Our mission
The Moroccan National Tourist Office aims to adopt an expert marketing approach to achieve the objectives set in the context of the 2010 vision. By ensuring Morocco's strong positioning as a destination, our operations have positive results for society, the preservation of our cultural and environmental heritage and our country's economy.
Our leadership
The role of the Moroccan National Tourist Office is to promote cultural and coastal resources, as well as developing select niche themes which place Morocco among the sought-after tourist destinations. Our aim is to stimulate internal tourism and attract foreign tourists to Morocco through a new policy of sustainable management of the range of destinations, with a focus on anticipation and monitoring of demand. It is also a question of encouraging tourists to prolong their trip, visit several destinations and return to the country.

Address :
Angle Rue Oued Al Makhazine/ Rue Zalaga-BP. : 19-Agdal-Rabat-Maroc
Email :
Telephone :
+212 5 37 27 83 00
Fax :
+ 212 537 67 40 15